About Us

Bill Randall purchased Five Acre Farm in 1979 as a vegetable farm and farm stand. Through the years Five Acre Farm began growing more and more plant material ourselves for our retail store. In the mid 80's we started producing plugs for our own use and began wholesaling finished product on a small level, then by the late 80's we were wholesaling plugs as well. In the mid 90's we started getting more into rooted cuttings and finished perennials for wholesale. Over the years we have expanded our operation from a few wooden structure greenhouses to over 3 acres of modern greenhouses. We produce around 25,000 flats of annual plugs, 15,000 flats of rooted liners, 100,000 quarts and 25,000 gallons of perennials each year. We also have 7 acres of outdoor production for fall crops of mums, asters and cabbage and kale.

We are now about 85% wholesale and offer a full line of annual plugs and rooted liners as well as prefinished to finished annual packs, pots and baskets. We also produce a fairly extensive line of finished perennials, including some 2 gallon. We sell to other growers, farm stands and independent garden centers only. We ship finished product throughout New England and the plugs and liners may be shipped anywhere in the eastern United States.

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